If you are looking for the guidelines to 6 x 4 lives. They are now housed at my new blog Pin Tangle  

They are under in the community challenge section of the site. Hopefully I will see you over there. 

Please update your bookmarks and links

10 Responses to “6 x 4 lives”

  1. Kay Susan Says:

    Sharon, thank you for doing this. I’m quite excited about it. Now that I’ve got my old job back and will be short of time I think a small project like this will help me to keep going!

  2. Chloe Says:

    Hi Sharon – my one question – you don’t use a hoop? Or are you going to temporarily sash each block????

    My mother made this as “Windy City” in the 1970s, and still has it hanging. Must photograph.


  3. sharonb Says:

    Chloe – yes I use a hoop I am going to put them on very fine cheesecloth/muslin – the christmas pudding variety. I did it this way because I want to see the shape of the diamond very clearly while I was piecing I did not want my eye thrown out – when I have photos I will blog it.

  4. Chloe Says:

    Ooops *grin* I commented on the wrong post – glad you knew what I meant!

  5. 8.16 Says:

    Alas, flikr.com is blocked in the United Arab Emirates so I can’t see the 6×4’s. Bother! I shall have to wait until I’m in Europe over the Summer.

  6. Edie Says:

    I didn’t realize anyone could join 6×4 Lives. I’d like to try… not sure I am committed enough to do a postcard a month, but-hey, I need to mail some out, so maybe this is the boot-in-the-behind I need!

  7. sharonb Says:

    Edie – yep all are welcome and it is not too much each month

  8. sh.nava Says:

    hi sharon,

    i’m trying to make a fabric postcard and i’d like to ask you what to put on the back of the postcard, do you use thin cardboard?

    *sorry for my english mistakes

  9. Midge Says:

    As I am pretty well a virgin in the fiberarts cyberworld, this sounds like a good way for me to start joining in these little experimental essays. Has anyone ever tried to organize a swap of fiber and thread packets? Like maybe a certain weight or amount in maybe a certain colourway or shadings or textures or to a theme? I could imagine it might be exciting to send and receive bits and bobs of others’ stashes.

  10. sharonb Says:

    Midge – there are often swaps between members of various yahoo groups and sometimes between bloggers. Its something that regularly happens and is a alot of fun.

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