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30 Responses to “About”

  1. celeste wynn Says:

    Thank You for the embroidery stitches.I’ve just started my frist crazy quilt,and it is driving me crazy.Should the small pieces be embellished before sewing togther?I think i bit off more than I thought. My blocks are 12 inch square.Please help!

  2. Sharon..I don’t have a computer of my own, so I’m just sort of auditing TAST for now. In your shisha article you mention using pieces of cds for the mirror. Please tell your readers that if they try to cut up a cd they absolutely must wear safety goggles or glasses. Cds splinter like mad and the shards have a tendency to fly. Thank you.

  3. sharonb Says:

    Thanks Mary I have done that

  4. EJ Saba Says:

    will there bean access to your stitch dictionary and I dropped the button box again? soon? I am a button-junkie and found your pict’s really inspired me. thanks

  5. sharonb Says:

    EJ Saba There has always been access to the Stitch Dictionary and the buttonbox quilt as only the blogs have moved. Just pop over to http://inaminuteago.com and it’s there.
    I may move it in the future but in the mean time it is up

  6. akisita Says:

    Sometimes the only practical gift is a merchandise card or even a check, but they can both feel a little impersonal. Enclosing them in a fabric envelope or pouch that you’ve embellished somehow makes for a very nice presentation, especially if you’ve included in your pattern the recipient’s initals or some design that has a personal meaning for them.

  7. Bonnie Smith Says:

    Recently my daughter and I taught a primitive rug hooking class at an event called “From Our Hands” in Columbus, Ohio. This was a class on how to extend a hooked rug by adding several rows of lamb’s tongues. The lamb’s tongues were finished on the edge with a blanket stich. One of our students brought inaminuteago.com to the attention of all in the workshop. That spot led me to this one. So glad to have found you! Like so many of you we love all things pertaining to fiber arts and working with our hands to add a personal touch to our lives! I will visit often to inspire myself!
    Bonnie Smith, editor of The Wool Street Journal – an extraordinary rug hooking magazine for hookers with heart.

  8. Hi, Sharon; I am a french embroiderer and every day, I am going on your blog; I know very many stitches (learnt with my grand-mother)but I learn very often in your blog, I like the manipulation, deformation, …… I didn’t know the thorne stitch and today, I have made trees (for a christmas card). But I do not find your email address (I have no blog) for submiting it to you……………..I have only a site……….Thanks for this new stitch)

  9. Sarah E. Says:

    Hi Sharon! Bit by bit, I’m getting back to things. Currently I’m using the library’s computer to get back in touch; unfortunately, I cannot post pix. I would like to join in the Take It Further project; in addition, I wanted to say again how very much I appreciate you and your work.

    You’ll notice that I had to change my email…I’ll soon be back to my blog. On the bright side, I’ve stayed quite busy during my on-line absence! Please keep me in your thoughts as I struggle, slowly but successfully, back to the surface! Warmest regards from Sarah

  10. Dear Sharon,
    I’m impressed about your side and your blog. Everyone who enjoy the work with embroidery have a lot of passion for this hobbycraft. Your side is special. Kindly regards from Ragnhild.

  11. Marie Says:

    Hi Sharon !

    Thanks for your blog comment today on my little bag.

    I honestly DID mean that this one was a “slow cloth” bag for me. I am truly waiting for a Slow Cloth button to put on my blog. If I knew how to write HTML I would make one!
    I cringe whenever I see another book whose title begins with “Fast, Fun & Fabulous” … most of my work work IS slow and I have never taken much pleasure in any fast craft I have tried. Fast usually looks like fast —- with rare exceptions!

    I am excited to try the T I F challenge — it will be a great “focuser” for the beginning of the New Year !

    Thank you for your wonderful blog ( I look forward to it always) , thoughtful,considered posts and terrific organizational skills!

    I wish I had not missed T A S T – it would have been great – in fact I may be using the stitch you posted today on a new project !

    Warmest wishes for holiday cheer and blessing in the New Year, Marie

  12. vatsala Says:

    Dear Sharon,
    I m very glad to see your hard work for embroiedry. I m impressed to see your blog.I need a little help from you…..
    actually i knitted a sweater for my little angle and want to do some embroiedry on it.
    Once i saw somewhere double colour chain stitch. it was an alternate colour. now i m searching for that but dint get that. can u pls tell me the name of the stitch and any link for that. Thanks

  13. Michele Says:

    I love your blog and have “tagged” you – see my blog for details http://fibrefan.blogspot.com/
    I’m new to blogging so thanks for the tips. Also, please could you add me to the waiting list for the TIF Challenge? I’m doing it anyway but missed the signup date. Thanks

  14. Hi I am trying to Erradicate Sudden Infant Death by using ART and Rocks.
    Can you please help me get the word out to as many artists as possible. by
    posting a link or by blogging about my blog? Maybe even doing a Blog Interview

    Look at http://kicksids.blogspot.com/

    Thank you very much
    Brian Carpenter

  15. Sharon Siacci Says:

    Dear Sharon,

    I was very excited when I signed up for the TIF challenge, but am still unable to begin as there has been a few problems with the move to New Zealand. Hopefully once I have everything sorted out here, I will be able to again start hand work. Until that day, wishing all participants of the challenge a wonderful time with the all the amazing work that will be produced.

  16. sdj13 Says:

    Dear Sharon,
    As an intermediate crazy quilter, I wanted to thank you for all of the material that you have made available on line to help those of us that continue to strive to learn more…..from your unbelievable “eye candy” to tutorals….which are all wonderful!. I signed up for your “Embellished Crazy Quilting” online class, but due to a family tragedy was not able to actively participate. I am now working my way through the outstanding lessons…one by one…on my own. I am learning so much. You are a fantastic teacher! The class is one worth taking for crazy quilters of any level of experience from confident beginners on up. If there is ever an opportunity to take a class from you “in person”, I would do anything in my power to attend it! What an awesome opportunity that would be! If you do these type of classes, I would love to know about them. Again…Thank you so very much for your contributions toward my crazy quilting education….it has truly been appreciated!

    Sherry Johnson

  17. Helen Lystra Says:

    I just posted an “I Love You” award on my blog because I your blog is so informative and helpful… I don’t have many visitors yet as I’m new to this blogging and not telling many folks but those that I’ve told I want to be sure visit your site too.

  18. Colleen R Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I wanted to send you a personal email thanking you for the gorgeous threads — but I don’t find one so am also posting here. You really were FAR too generous, but I am so happy you were! I’ve been showing them off to everyone and there is lots of drooling going on over them. Now I’m going to have to bump up my skills to properly show off such fine threads.

    I’ve also come across a cool item you may wish to take a look at too. Its a swivel chair covered in YARN SCRAPS!! of all things! lol Its coming thru from a fancy schmanzy designer newsletter so I’m sure it must cost a bundle! I’ll attach the links here, hope you can see them.

    Thanks again!

    Environment Furniture
    This eco-minded manufacturer unveiled Thomas Bina’s Giramundo swivel chair, covered in yarn scraps collected in Rio de Janeiro. Legs come in a variety of metals or Sustainable Forestry Initiative–certified hardwood. 7257 Beverly Boulevard, Suite 108, Los Angeles, CA 90036; 323-935-1330; environmentfurniture.com.
    posted 2/28/2008


  19. Susan Says:

    Thought you might be interested in an exhibition at the State Library of Victoria of medieval manuscripts called The Medieval Imagination. There is an online gallery of images. About half the manuscripts in the exhibition come from Cambridge University, the rest are from the State Library and private collections in Australia and New Zealand.

  20. sharonb Says:

    Yes Susan it looks great and I am watching the cheap flights to see if I can make it down to see it otherwise it might be the back of a motor bike

  21. guzzisue Says:

    nothing wrong with the back of a motobike 🙂

  22. I didn’t know if this is the right place to put this but I need to withdraw from you challenge. I was really enjoying it but I found myself putting previous commitments off in order to think about and do this one. If I had found this first, I would have stuck with it and hope to try it again another time.

  23. Karen Rips Says:

    I am trying to get in touch with you.

  24. Sketchplanet Says:

    Would Sketchplanet (a user community sketch site) be of use to you and your readers

    Kind regards,
    Giles Dawe

  25. Hi Sharon,
    I have been looking around for inspirational sites to list on my blog and came across yours. Your work is just superb and I congratulate you.
    Would you mind if I wrote an article about your work on my blog and included some photographs of your work. I will of course give you creits for your images and place a link to this site.
    My blog is:- http://ragrescue.blogspot.com

    thank you for giving me the chance to read about your work.

  26. Susan S Says:

    This may be a dumber question….but how do you all get those lovely quilt blog logos for your responses? Susan

  27. sharonb Says:

    Susan “those lovely quilt blog logos” are an automatic feature with all WordPress blogs hosted free at WordPress.com

  28. Linda S. Says:

    I have heard from a young man using a quilt as the storyboard for his thesis… thought you might want to check out his site…

  29. Teresa Says:

    I couldn’t find your email address, so hope you see this & have time to reply. I reached your site thru a Google link on souvenir patches. I’m trying to locate patches for the places I visited, but forgot to get a patch!

    And – yes, in the 70s/80s in high school, I had a chambray shirt with my travel patches.

    Right now, I plan to make some wall hanging with the patches – kind of like how some people hang quilts to display them.

    Thanks & Enjoyed your site.


  30. Margareth N. Says:

    Sharon Darling please attach my blog to help in Spanish

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