If you are looking for the guidelines to the stitch along. They are now housed at my new blog Pin Tangle  

They are now part of the TAST challenge and you will find the guidelines here . So I will see you over there.

Please update your bookmarks and links

11 Responses to “Stitch along”

  1. carlseapatch Says:

    Are you sure you have enough stitches there???? I hope some people don’t feel overwhelmed by the list (like I am a little, hmmmm where to start)

  2. Thelma Says:

    Yummy Sharon,,can’t wait to get started on these stitches,,what a great learning experience this will be,, I have decided to make fabric books out of my samples. I bought some dyed 14 count Aida fabric and will cut these to 9×7 and make a book out of them when done. I am so excited!! Are these stitches in your website? I know lots of them are but just wondering if all of them are,,some of them I haven’t heard of.

  3. Christine Says:

    Great list of stitches there Sharon! Is your online stitch dictionary still accessible, I can’t seem to locate it. I hope so, because some of these stitches aren’t in my Jacqueline Enthoven reference book, as least not always by the same name. Hope to do some of them at least, perhaps just the original TAST ones to begin with.

  4. sharonb Says:

    Yes Christine the stitch dictionary is available the URL is

    I will cross link many of the stitches on the list so people just have to click through. It is a bit of a job however

  5. Thelma Says:

    Sharon, just having the link to the stitch dictionary is enough,,you put so much work into this, we can all find the stitches from there..thats just my opionion

  6. coral-seas Says:

    Hi Sharon
    I was just thinking about running stitch (I’ve already forgotten why!). I don’t see it on the list, is that one to add?


  7. sharonb Says:

    Hi Coral – yes I had
    # Straight stitch: Double running stitch
    # Straight stitch: Laced running stitch

    both listed so I have added running stitch because there is all the darning patterns in that group too
    thanks for the reminder

  8. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    Hi Sharon:

    I would love to join your stitch-along group! I just joined the Stitchin Fingers site yesterday, and have been having fun exploring it.

    Thank you,


  9. tenar72 Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I’m in! Not sure if this is the right place to announce it, but here is my first post about it:

    Thank you for all the amazing work you do for the community, I never could keep up with things like you do.

  10. Kay Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I am also not sure if this is the right place, but I just did some fun running stitch on a sweater. See the post here:

    thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Jean Billips Says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that since I found your site I’ve been using a lot of the stitches in your stitch dictionary to work on one of the crazy quilts that I have going right now. Your stitches are just great and a big help. Thanks a lot.

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