If you are looking for the guidelines to Take a Stitch Tuesday. They are now housed at my new blog Pin Tangle  For full details see the TAST FAQ page

So I will see you over there.

Please update your bookmarks and links

44 Responses to “Take a Stitch Tuesday”

  1. Misa Says:

    “Take a Stitch Tuesdays” sounds very interesting… and like it will be a lot of fun. I’m really enjoying learning new stitches and experimenting with them in your personal library of stitches class, so I think this will be a perfect “continuation” of that. I definitely plan on participating!

  2. I would love to participate in the book discussion. There are so many art related books that are non tutorial and yet so inspiring. Anyone interested in The Bloomsbury Group or Dadaism? How about the true Bohemians?

  3. pssttt Says:

    Hello, I would love to participate to your “Take a Stitch Tuesdays”, so please let me know when you start !
    Also, could you tell me what sort of threads you’re going to use, as I live in a country where there isn’t much choice, I should manage to find them before we start…
    Thanks a lot, and hope to “hear” you soon !

  4. sharonb Says:

    No special threads are required as everyone wil be folowing their own path. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  5. i would love to join Tuesday Challenge. Where do I sign up!

  6. Carol Says:

    I would love to be a part of take a stitch tuesday. Please let me know when you start!!

    thanks and love your blog


  7. Chriss Says:

    I’d love to take part in this challenge. I’ve been wanting to do a stitch book for ages, and I think this is the exact fire I need to get (and keep) it going. Looking forward to it. 🙂

  8. annie fischer Says:

    Sounds like a great way to start each day! I’m definitely in. Thanks for hosting this, Sharon! 🙂

  9. Linda in AZ Says:

    Please inform me about the Take a Stitch Tues. I love to learn more from you and another challenge.

  10. Granny Fran Says:

    Please sign me up for your Take a Stitch Tuesdays. Some of my friends at Quilt Studio had a great learning time with the 100 Stitches project. I’ve done fancy stitches in needlepoint but want to learn how to embellish quilts.

  11. sharonb Says:

    Linda and Granny Fran –
    I have added you to my email out list –

  12. helend Says:

    I would like to have a go at this but am not sure about blog, flicker account. Can you take part by email alone?

  13. sharonb Says:

    Helend – there is no reason why you can’t take part without a blog or flickr account – but it means people can’t see your work – a flickr acount is free and it means everyone can see what you have done and you can get feedback – you are welcome to join no matter what but I am encouraging people to post their images –

  14. Penny Says:

    This sounds like a fun idea, sign me up please.

  15. sharonb Says:

    Penny I have added you to my list

  16. Cathy Says:

    this sounds good for me. would you please include me in your list? I will send you the blog link when I locate the address. thanks

  17. Renee Cohen Says:

    PLease add me to the list. I have a flikr account
    Thanks Renee Cohen

  18. Hi Sharon

    I hope to get caught up on my 6 weeks of stitching before Jan. and would like to join you in your Tues. stitching.



  19. MsLizF Says:

    Please include me on the list for take a stitch tuesday challange. I have not been doing very much stitching and this will get me going again. I look forward to the new year and begining this challange.

  20. Shay Toner Says:

    This is just the thing. Thank you for starting this I’m excited about learning more stitches.


  21. sharonb Says:

    Hi all thanks for signing up -it should be a great challenge – I have added you to my list

  22. Lori Kinney Says:

    I would like to be notified of Stitch Tuesday, please. Thank you!

  23. I definitely intend to participate and would love to be added to the list. Thanks.

  24. Judith Green Says:

    Oh oh, I will be stitching along, please join em in and thank you

  25. Sign me up please Sharon.


  26. Glaucia Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Could you please add me to the list? I´ll try to catch you up!
    Already posted TAST 1 on my blog.

  27. Corina Says:

    Dear Sharon, I had to stop for some time, but I decide to go one from week 22, I want to complete the challenge!Thank you for doing such a great job!

  28. Barb Hoffman Says:

    Is there a way to get a print out of your Tuesday Stitches, I am just now starting to learn this and would love to add these to my library and do them, but I don’t think I should join now as I would not be able to catch up as it is so late in the year.

    If there is a fee, let me know about that also

    Barb Hoffman

  29. sharonb Says:

    Hi Barb – sorry to say you need to go each page and print it out as I have not put them in a single document.Just click on the links above and they will take you to each week.

  30. akisita Says:

    UNICEF has a charming needlework design of Santa and reindeer on one of the Christmas cards they’re offering in this year’s catalog. they have an embroidery enhanced frame and a journal,too.Some of the card designs that aren’t originally needlework just beg to be translated into it. Can’t give you a link, but definitely worth Googling UNICEF+Christmas cards.

  31. akisita Says:

    OOPS! A coworker here has just advised me that the catalog of cards and gifts I wrote about is at http://www.unicefusa.org and may not be in the catalogs published in other countries. I don’t know why they wouldn’t be, but they’re still worth searching out.

  32. Deb Fair Says:

    Take a stitch Tuesday is a great idea! I just stumbled onto it, so it’s too late for me to be part of the challenge, but I’m going to work through it on my own as I can. Thanks for providing it, Sharon.

  33. Janie Hanes Says:

    I have heard a lot about TAST. Is this going to continue next year. I would really like to participate in this.
    I will begin to work the stitches on my own, also. It is never too late to learn something new or refresh something learned at another time.
    Thank you for all you have to offer.

  34. margaret S Says:

    Still attempting to get this cahallenge completed even though I’ve been ill recently, will get some pictures posted this week, thanks for your kind comments Sharon on my blog

  35. sharonb Says:

    Janie yes I will be leaving the page up as there are few people who started late or are planing to do what you are doing

  36. Annette Says:

    Came across your challenge recently and wished I’d been in at the start as I love hand stitching. I would go through them on my own but I need the stiumulous of a challenge to motivate me. Are you doing another challenge?

  37. sharonb Says:

    I am having another challange for my regular blog readers. This year is the Take it Furhter challenge

    Unfortunately the sign up period has closed although I will replace drop outs with people who want to do it as people drop out which is bound to happen. You may want to follow along anyway

    You do need a blog or flickr site that you can use for images of your work
    Do you have one?

    For your future reference The challenge information page URL is

    and my blog where the challenge will posted each month is

  38. Annie W Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    letting you know that I have finished all the TAST Stitches before the years end….Thank you and Happy New Year. Hugs annie


  39. Diamond Dee Says:

    Hi Sharon
    I’m really behind in catching up, but I am still trying to get there. Recently you asked for an update as to how many were still working the TAST lessons. I’m one that is still plodding along.
    Thanks for all the work and time you have spent during this project. It is always so much fun to read, and plan on working through everything you send.
    Dee in Ontario. Can

  40. Esse-Riekje Agter Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for a great site.
    Living in the Netherlands-Vlissingen and even here a lot of quilting ladies enjoy it.

  41. Annet Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Last januari I started with TAST. I’m planning to do one stitch every week in the same week you did it last year. So far I finished every stitch (I only skipped the cross stitch). I put photo’s on my blog with the label TAST. Your site is a great help for me, thanks for your challenge.

  42. cinzia Says:

    I am trying to make my blog useful to myself, and anyone who happens to stray that way but that is not the main point of it at this stage.

    Anyway on my blog I am putting a short blurb about sites and blogsthat I enjoy visiting with a link.

    I have put a blurb about your site and would like to add an image of one of your stitches if I could.

    My blog is at http://lgfns.blogspot.com/


  43. elsieott Says:

    I am not sure I can do 1 a day for 100 days but I’ll try. I’m fixing to make my oldest grandson and his bride to be a ring bearer’s pillow.

    They are getting married in Antiqua and won’t have a ring bearer, so I’m making it for a keepsake. It’ll be CQ with BE an SRE on it.

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