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  1. Lori2378 Says:

    Sharon, Loved your encrusted class. Thank you for hosting it. I learned so much! Now when looking at material, I look to see what I can add to it..beads, buttons, different threads, textures, for instance, a teddy bear, I can outline him, add flowers a hat, etc…so many things to do and add! You have shown me a new way to CQ! and I thank you.
    Lori K

  2. Candi Says:

    Sharon I can’t begin to thank you enough for the Encrusted Crazy Qulting class!! I’ve learned sooo much more than I thought possible!
    Trust me, I’ll be back for more classes including a repeat in the fall:)! HUGZ:)

  3. jaihn Says:

    I’m enjoying the Personal Library of Stitches course very much.

    The work that I’ve done/am doing during it is documented over at ‘spacious makings’ – link is in my name.

    As discussed at the joggles forum board; I have particularly enjoyed seeing the broad range of lovely unique work which has come from your experienced and comfortable approach to tutoring the course.
    It is good to see everyone doing their current stitching thing with your guidance and encouragement.

    Project-based courses don’t generally appeal to me – this process-oriented approach works well for me. And, evidently, for many other students who have created much good work.

    I’ve found the course-forum to be a likeable part of the course-experience too – it’s good to have the opportunity for cyber-contact with a small group of others with a common focus.

    I’m very glad I chose to be a student on this six-week course, and heartily recommend future versions of it to those who are drawn to explore their stitching, in cyber-company, and with fine tuition from a passionate stitcher.

    The six weekly pdf’s will remain valuable to my stitchery for a long time to come! Rich resources, to be revisited.

    Thank you, again.

  4. Jane from Illinois Says:


    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the Encrusted Crazy Quilting class that is just winding up. I had done crazy quilting before, and 4 of my 5 blocks had turned out great. The 5th one wasn’t great, and I didn’t know why. With Sharon’s lessons I was able to look at that block again and see what the problem was. She emphasizes design as much as technique, and that is what my block needed. My new blocks (in progress) are lovely, and my head is filled with ideas for more. Again, thank you Sharon.
    Jane from Illinois

  5. AliciaRS Says:

    I have been enjoying the Personal Library of Stitch development series  and, thus, looking forward to the ways the lesson material will have a ripple effect on my fiber art in general.   Sharon has a real gift for fostering a supportive learning environment.  She also has a flair for written material that can expand and crystallize in different ways as it is reviewed over time.  I suspected I would enjoy the process – without a clue of how much I would come to value the changed relationship to so many of the raw materials that I love best.

    I would strongly endorse this class as holding equal (and immeasurable!) value for contemporary and traditional stitchers as well as those who are somewhat in between the two extremes.  Sharon has a gift for knowing what materials will be most responsive to an individual participant.  Everyone is offered just the right mix of freedom and guidance to allow for an authentically personal relationship to the stitches and threads.

  6. Misa Says:

    I’m constantly on the look-out for “design” resources. I mean, you can grab any embroidery/CQ book off the shelf at a library and find several projects. But 99% of those books are “Do this, this, and this. You’ll get this thing that looks EXACTLY the same as this.” What I’m more interested in is finding out how to develop something that fits my particular likes/dislikes. Finding a resource like that is few and far between. But your classes ARE that type of resource.

    In many ways, I view your classes as having a book group, where there’s a new update to the book every week. But not only do I get to talk with other readers about the “book” and what they’re doing with it, I get to interact with the writer.

    I’ve written a bit more about how I feel about your classes on my blog. I’d copy it here, but it’s quite long. However, I’m putting the permalink here in case anybody decides to read it: .

    Thank you for offering these classes. I can’t wait until I get to take another class from you!

  7. monattka Says:

    I would like to say how much I enjoyed Personal library of stitches classes. If someone´s blog is so excellent then I knew they would be of superb quality. I thought I would learn mainly different stitches – those on-line but also those which ARE NOT on-line. However I never dreamt I am going to learn SO MUCH about DESIGN as well. I found the design part the most exciting of the course for two reasons: 1. as it has been written here in other comments there are very few books which would cover at least some parts of textile design 2. I think design knowledge is the secret behind any good art and craft. I felt like if Sharon´s classes were teaching me “how to walk” so that I can then explore “world” on my own. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this course to anybody interested in learning stitches and design as well whether the knowledge is to be used in traditional OR contemporary embroidery!

  8. FionaM Says:

    I have just completed the Personal Library of Stitches class offered by Sharon through Like others, I wondered whether the class details would be similar to the TAST challenge, but with the first download of notes, quickly realised that the class offers SO much more. Sharon writes in depth about ways to use embroidery stitches, in traditional and contemporary ways, encouraging students to always think outside the box with regard to stitch style, application and design elements.
    It is certainly not a prescriptive course, whereby set tasks must be undertaken, but provides initial ideas for explorations that really cannot be learnt unless tackled in practice by the student. The six weeks offer an absolute wealth of information, certainly worth the US$60 cost of the course – I will be referring to this information for many years to come.
    The other huge bonus to doing such a course is the interaction with other students through the forum and our associated blogs and websites. My journey through the course was enriched by seeing the amazing work of all the other students.
    I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in expanding not only their knowledge of stitches per se, but their design application in any exercise in embroidery.

  9. christasia Says:

    A big thank you Sharon for running the Sumptuous Surfaces course. This would have to be the best online course I have done so far. Not only have I learnt a lot about stitching, I have gained a lot of knowledge on the process of design that I can apply to other mediums as well.To anyone who has enjoyed TAST I highly recommend taking it one step further & doing this course. Anyone who has done one of Sharons online courses knows only too well the amount of effort that Sharon puts into each lesson. There is a wealth of information that can be used again & again, the online forums are immensely beneficial & provide interaction with other students around the world. I’ll definitely be enrolling in more of Sharon’s courses.

  10. monattka Says:

    I have just finished Sumptuous Surfaces course and since. I have enjoyed it immensly and would love to recommend it to all fibreartists, not only embroiderers!!! who strive to create their own pieces of art.It provides INVALUABLE AND STEP-BY-STEP information on design process as such with application on hand embroidery. Sharon is a great teacher: the notes are excellent and participants will get her regular feedback on their work.

  11. sharonb Says:

    Monattka and all thanks for such positive feedback – I appreciate it

  12. Kate Says:

    The encrusted crazy quilting class was just great! I have been crazy quilting for a few years, and still learned a good deal about applying design concepts to textiles. The class provided loads of information and inspiration. I’m hoping to take the sumptuous surfaces class next time around. Sharon, thanks for all the time and effort you put into your classes and the great work you do.

  13. Barb Hoffman Says:

    Is there any way to get hard copies of your Tuesday stitches…..I would love to do this but will have a lot a catching up to do and if I could print to paper I would not get in trouble for hoggy the puter.

    I am also looking for a good beginner set of classes…………..I am new to this,

  14. sharonb Says:

    Barb sorry there are no hard copies of the Tuesday stitches. At the moment it is a case of printing out each stitch. They are not classes as such but a challenge which is different.

  15. Denise Pevalin Says:

    I have done the Sumptuous Surfaces course with Sharon, I highly recommend it. I learnt so much about design and use of colour. The online support was excellent via the Joggles forum, you can chat with the rest of the class there and ask as many questions as you like. I was so impressed that I have enrolled for the Personal Library of Stitches Course. I plan to do as many of Sharon’s courses as possible!

  16. Cindy K Says:

    I did it! Signed up for the Personal Library of Stitches Class. Am greatly encouraged by what some of the ladies have said about the classes. Looking forward to getting the supply list soon.

    Like the idea of a cleaning out of my bedroom sewing corner. Right now it’s so bad I can hardly reach the bookcase that holds my materials so much is stacked in front of it. As for weighing it, doubt if that will happen. Pictures are a good idea though.

    Still enjoying TAST and stitching away. Recently began a crazy block.

  17. Shilpa Mirasdar Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I love your website and have used it as a reference for my little projects. I have started learning the stiches using your stich dictionary as a reference. Someday i hope i can do quilting too as i am absolutely enamoured by your crazy quilt designs.

  18. chris munvez Says:

    i would love to take an online course. please let me know what’s available at this time and any info necessary.

    looking forward to learning from you.
    chris munvez

  19. chris munvez Says:

    hi, please let me know what class is available at this time and any info i need to enroll.

    looking forward to working with you.

    chris munvez 9850 zelzah ave. #306
    northridge, ca 91325 818-800-4383

  20. Christiana Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Please, let me know what date you plan to make another Scrumptious surfaces course on-line.
    Actually I’m “working hard” on your Encrusted Crazy Quilting and it’s so wonderful – that’s my first class and I really enjoy it so much
    Please rectify me if you find some mistakes (they are coming from France)

  21. Christiana Says:

    I don’t understand

  22. MargB Says:

    I have done Sharon’s Sumptuous Surfaces and am in the middle of her Personal Library of Stitches and can recommend them to everyone. My embroidery skills were almost nonexistent when I began but this has not been a problem.

    I decided to try the class, Sumptuous Surfaces, because I was interested in the design elements mentioned in the writeup on the course and was not disappointed – the lessons have been invaluable. The feedback is amazing. Thankyou Sharon.

  23. sharonb Says:

    I am pleased to hear that you have enjoyed the class. The class dates for next year are still being organised and will probably be announced next week. I will announce it on my blog and Joggles will send out a newsletter too. But it will run early in the year.

  24. Fiona Says:

    I just wanted to leave a comment re your wonderful Sumptuous Surfaces class. I’m still working through the materials that you provide and it was such good value for money. the forum and flickr group were/are very supportive and I gained a huge sense of achievement. The design process and colour theory and exercises that you provided were very stimulating and a great jumping of point for developing lots of ideas. thank you.

    looking forward to your visual journal course! hint hint hint

    merry christmas

  25. Helen Says:

    Hi, I just signed up for your Sumptuous Surfaces class and I’m really looking forward to it. After reading all the wonderful reviews, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. I love reading your blogs. They are so full of information and inspiration.


  26. Sandy Says:


    I just checked for the Personall Library of Stitches and it says the class is not scheduled yet. I’ve notified them to let me know when it is. I love your site and work and look forward to learning more stitches.

    Here’s to a great 2008 (politicians aside)

  27. Barbara Roberts Says:

    Hi Sharon, I have taken your other 2 classes , but have not been able to sign up for the Sumptuous Surfaces class at this time. Will it be offered again?
    I hope to not have to miss out on this wonderful class!

  28. Una Grose Says:

    I have been doing your Sumptuous Surfaces class with Joggle’s. I am a newcomer to hand embroidery and just wish to say how much I am learning from your workshop. I am one of the quiet and slow ones but there is so much information to digest and I am learning so much especially about designing a piece of work. Thankyou I will be working from your lessons for quite a while. Una

  29. bibi niaz Says:

    I am a total beginner and i would love to learn embroidery and quilt encrusting Please give all details of online course and the costs of tuition . Many thanks Regards

  30. nga smith Says:

    Dear Sharon:
    I just checked with Joggles about your class which began in January. They said it’s out of stock.
    Do you think you can offer that class again in the future for the people like me who missed it?
    Thank you. I enjoy your site very much.
    nga smith

  31. Marilyn Lynch Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Remember me? It’s been a long time, but I do keep up with you by reading your wonderful blog. As I mentioned to you about a year ago, my husband was relocated to Rhode Island, and I’m still settling in, having a difficult time feeling comfortable here, and missing my life in New Jersey so very much. I did have to change email service providers when we moved, and in the process, lost your email address. In addition to wanting to say hi, I was wondering if you have scheduled an online class for “Keeping a Visual Journal”. I believe you mentioned that it was in the works for 2008, and I’d love to participate. If you have a minute, would you drop me a line and let me know?

    In the meantime, I hope you and your family are well. I miss chatting with you from time to time, and hope you’ll keep in touch.

    As always, warmest regards,

    P.S. Are you still interested in buttons? I came into a huge stash of them, and would love to send some along if you’d like to have them. Let me know.

  32. Marjorie Marcille Says:

    I am interested in taking one of your courses. How do I pay for it?

  33. sharonb Says:

    Marjorie and all if you want to book or pay for a class follow the link to and there is a shopping cart there. Joggles actually sells and runs the classes.

  34. maria Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I am absolutely in awe of your wonderful talent! Love, Maria

  35. Elly Van Oirschot Says:

    Hi I have recently retired and have always wantsd to learn embroidery. I have joined our local Quilting group and enjoy it very much. Could you tell me how best can i start. Thank you Elly

  36. Ruth Lane Says:

    For anyone interested in taking the Studio Journal Workhorse class, I highly recommend it. It is full of design exercises to be worked in your studio journal and really is a great motivator to work in a journal to further your design skills. Sharon is a great teacher and encourages you to work at your own pace and to do what works for you. The exercises provided are diverse and there is something for every skill level to work on and learn from. Thanks Sharon!

  37. Trish Suvak Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Now in the final week of the Studio Journal course I must say the lessons you sent out, the exercises you developed, the examples you included and the feedback you gave us were challenging and encouraging. I have learned so much. I have been stretched artistically. And I have been challenged technologically. I’ve also had a great time. I will be looking for other classes.
    Thank you so much,

  38. Nathalie Says:

    I’m so glad I took the Studio Journal class. This was a real mindcatcher. I hope you will develop a follow up class. If one only has to take one class then it has to be the studio journal.

  39. Magda Says:


    Thank you for a wonderful Studio Journals class. I have seen some of the exercises before in various art and design books and other resources. This time however, I am actually doing the exercises!!!! Yippee!!!! This would not have happened if it was not for this course, your guidance and the inspiration of the other students. Thank you all.

    I am looking forward to continuing my explorations after the class and I hope that you develop a follow up class to this one. Where do I sign up?

  40. Carole Says:

    Sharon, I agree wholeheartedly with Trish, re the content of this class, so I will just add that it is a great introduction to design relating to fabric and thread. It has given me what I needed, to make better use of my hunter gathering addiction. It will take months to explore everything and I’m looking forward to keeping contact with the group, who were great.


  41. pippa Says:

    I now have a Studio journal bulging at the seams, and the commitment to keep up the journalling.It has been an inspirational class the best I have taken many thanks to you Sharon

  42. Jo Valentine Says:

    I have now completed 3 of Sharon’s courses (well I say completed – there is a year’s worth of ideas and possibilities in every one!)
    The Studio Journals course has changed my life – never travel anywhere now without a camera and notepad and now find inspiration in the strangest things – manhole covers are a previously undiscovered source of treasure! Opened the doors of my perception – and lots of fun too!!
    Encrusted crazy patchwork – I had been looking at images of Sharon’s work for years and love exploring her blocks – an endless store of fascination and discovery – now, I can create my own. As always, Sharon gives lots of tips and information on design which is great for those of us who haven’t attended a formal art course – and all done with a lightness of touch that leaves you permission to do your own thing! No rules, just ideas.
    Sumptuous surfaces – this course blew my limited creative world apart – it was like sitting in a room for years and someone opening the door and showing me the universe! What a fabulous course.

    Jo :0)

  43. reneorgeron Says:

    Sharon, I have enjoyed each minute of my Journal class. I can’t believe how much help and direction you give to all the students. I would love to take another class sometime, just afraid I will be unable to do the work. I spend much more time in bed now, so lots of time I have to amend a project to suit the moment. I still follow you blog each day. So I guess I am looking over your shoulder, and it is a wonderful place to be. Talent a gift you have and share freely. You are such a special lady. Rene

  44. MargB Says:

    What can I say? Studio Journals class finishes in a few days and I am so sad. It has been a wonderful class. The world has changed for me too – looking and really seeing has become part of my daily routine. This was my third class with you – I began with Sumptuous Surfaces and think that Jo has described my feelings about that class so well – I couldn’t have done better myself. It literally changed my life! then there was PLOS – all those stitches to use !Now this 6 weeks has given me a wonderful tool to use for design! I can’t express my thanks as well as I should.

    Anyone who gets the opportunity of doing the Studio Journals course – I would encourage you not to hesitate – it is a year’s learning in the notes and the online intereaction that I have learnt to expect from one of Sharon’s courses makes it such a wonderful experience.


  45. Marjorie Says:

    I feel like I’ve just begin to scratch the surface of both the possibilities of a consistently kept studio journal and also all of the design sparks, techniques and ideas you provided in the Studio Journals class. The group has great synergy and I learned so much from everyone. Thank you all. Marjorie

  46. Deepa Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I’ve always wanted to ask you this- how do you deal with copyright issues while preparing course materials? What if one student takes up the course and shares the material with a few others? Won’t you be at the losing end?Have you taken any precautions for this or do you just don’t bother?

  47. sharonb Says:

    Hi Deepa
    I always claim copyright and have insisted on people respecting it . Any document written – like my lessons the author holds the copyright automatically so it is not difficult. If I write it I own the copyright under law.

    Of course a person could take a class and teach it or share it but I hope that the internet means people would recognise when this is done. (On more than one occassion someone has emailed me to let me know about someone stealing from me)

    With taking an image or something like that often people don’t see it as theft but stealing a whole lesson and passing it on takes income from me. Since most people understand this, it is easy for them to see it is wrong and don’t do it. For it is stealing.

    If anything I write etc is re-printed on website I point them to the millenium act on the copysafe site
    Under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) search engines such as Google and others have the offending site removed from their search results. I have no hesitation in informing google and usually sites like this are stealing content because of advertising the last thing they want is for their site to be banned by the search engines. Once a serach engine bans you – your site is pointless.

    So yes if someone just copies and hands it around to friends I run the risk of losing money but by having such a strong online presence I also have a good chance of finding out too. Fortunately more and more people are understanding that it is theft and see it as wrong. I can only hope that continues and that people know how generous I have been with the stitch dictionary etc online.

    Also if it happened too much I would not be teaching online but selling books or put the site and everything behind subscriber only walls or something but I will cross that bridge when I get there

  48. Gena Lumbroso Says:

    This is a comment about the Workhorse course. It is an amazing course, which I think could benefit anyone with artistic inclinations. I mean even if you do not feel artistically inclined but would like to become more so, it is a great class. And of course all artists, no matter what level would also benefit from it. It is an incredible resource of getting the most out of your art, findings and musings…

    More than a sketch book, it teaches you to use the notebook for everything related to what you want to do with art. Sharon also teaches a couple exercises with each lesson for opening you up and making you notice the world around you and all it offers in the form of art. These are all alot of fun and incredible for teaching you to see.

    This class is an excellent foundation course, a great way for any artist to begin a project, turn over a new leaf – and what is more, once you begin the class, the idea is to make this type of journaling a habit so that the more you do, the better you get and the better your art gets. It is an amazing class. I highly recommend it as do the classmates I had, of which there were an amazing amount. Thank you, Sharon, for a most enriching and eye-opening class. I loved it!

  49. arteth gray Says:

    I did the Studio Journals class, and I did end up thinking “why am I doing this?” after the second lesson. But though I didn’t get as much from the class as others, I have to say it did improve my use of journaling. Using the journal I started for the class, I developed and made a cute flower pin. The process you taught really did work for me!


  50. Amy Says:

    Can you put together a beginner’s class? I thought I could do this on my own but looking at pictures, but I’m a bit lost.



  51. Angela Says:

    I took the Sumptuous Surfaces class earlier this year and have been recommending it to anyone who will listen ever since! The lessons provided by Sharon are tremendous value for money and forum is fun and informative. I was really happy with the piece of work I managed to finish. I intend to sign up for the Studio Journals class in October and am keeping my fingers crossed that the Personal Library of Stitches will be offered again soon.

    Best Wishes

  52. Brenda Says:

    When will you offer the “encrusted crazy quilting class again?

  53. maria ackerman Says:

    Qué maravillas!!!
    Gracias, Maria

  54. MargB Says:

    Amy I have to chime in here. i can assure you that I was a complete neophyte when I dived in and took the Sumptuous Surfaces class the first time Sharon offered it. Truly I had done no stitching except some crossstitch in almost 50 years and even then I was capable of only a few stitches. Everyone was patient with me during the course which I enjoyed enormously – yes I was a tad embarrassed by my boldness (and my ignorance) but I can assure you I am so pleased I went ahead and tried. Don’t be frightened and good luck. Except be warned – it has become addictive!

  55. Amy Says:

    Hi MargB,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I will definitely consider taking the Sumptuous Surfaces class. I suppose I will end up embarrassing myself too! As long as I’m having fun and learning and no one minds an absolute beginner, it may just give it a whirl.

    I’m in Florida, so I suppose I will be on a lag time with all you Aussie ladies.

    Thanks again!


  56. Franchi Says:

    I would very much like to take your Sumptuous Surfaces class (especially after reading all the rave reviews!). I am wondering if there is a class supply list that I may look at now. I assume one will be provided when one registers for the class.

    Thanks, Franchi
    Ft Collins CO USA

  57. sharonb Says:

    Hi Franchi – about the Sumptuous Surfaces class Barbara the lady who runs Joggles sends a supplies list out 7-10 days before the class commences.
    I have been asked by Barbara not to give students supply lists. So I am in a bind a bit. That said, if you are a stitcher you will already have many of the supplies to hand

  58. diana tranter Says:

    Please could you tell me how much it costs to join your class. I already know how to sew and do embroidery stitches, although it is years since I have done any embroidery. Your work looks simply stunning. I am presently doing a Fashion and Design Home Study Course in Sewing, even though I know how to make my own clothes. since I paid for the course, I must finish it. The result is C&G certificate. I am presently working 9-5. How would I view your classes? What is the fee? thank you

  59. sharonb Says:

    Hi Diana if you click on any of the class links they will take you to where the classes are sold. They are $60.00 US for 6 weeks and all my classes are sold at that price at the moment. I am very flexible about skill levels and happily take both experienced and new hands as I structure the courses so that people work at their pace and level. These are not project based courses but have a very heavy design element to them. Hope this helps you and answers your question.

  60. MargB Says:

    Just come back here – I missed your comment Amy.So pleased for you that you have decided to try Sumptuous Surfaces. Have a wonderful time – I am sure you will.

  61. Maite Says:

    Is there a book that you recommend or sell to show all the diffrent types of hand stiching designs?

  62. sharonb Says:

    Maite if you need information on how to do the embroidery stitches I have a free online stitch dictionary here
    I hope this helps.
    If not the books I advertise on the dictionary site are all recommended by me. I usually own them and have used them.

  63. Dawn Smith Says:

    Hi, I found this example of an old needlework journal and I thought you might like to see it if you haven’t already. The blog it’s on has lots of scrapbook examples.

    Could you drop me a line? I had your email on my old computer, but don’t have it on my new one.

  64. Kate Shelton Says:

    I read that you will be starting a crazy quilting class. I so much want to learn this beautiful and creative technique. Could you please help me to get started? thanks for any help or direction you may give me.

  65. sharonb Says:

    Hi Dawn I am writing this in the hope you spot it last week I emailed you but have not heard back – did you get it?

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